Aeristech receives Queens Award for Innovation

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Made in the Midlands member Aeristech has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for developing a series of increasingly advanced, high-speed electric motors to power e-superchargers and hydrogen fuel cell air-side compressors.

Aeristech’s unique technology allows higher performance from the company’s smaller, cooler-running motors, helping its customers to achieve higher performance from their own products and playing a significant role in the advancement of technologies to reduce vehicle emissions. It has twice been recognised for these achievements at the British Engineering Excellence Awards. Richard Wall, CEO of Aeristech said:

“Over the past few years Aeristech has developed and commercialised what we believe to be the most advanced, oil-free, high-speed electric motor systems available, and it is very gratifying to have this recognised by receiving a Queen’s Award for Enterprise,” 

“I am very proud of our talented team and am delighted to have won this award. Our clients in the automotive industry, as with other sectors we operate in such as aviation, stationary power and industrial, are adopting our technology as part of their strategy to reduce emissions.”

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise recognised Aeristech’s progress in delivering motor systems, with some motors in excess of 20 kW.

Aeristech’s technology splits the control system for torque and speed, enabling smaller, cooler-running motor controllers which are coupled to dedicated motor designs.

“By reducing controller switching loads and running temperatures in combination with advanced motor design, we can run our motors faster for far longer without fear of over-heating,” Wall says.

“This is ideal for electric supercharging and hydrogen fuel cell compressor applications, and we are working with a wide cross-section of the automotive industry to adopt our designs.”

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise were established 54 years ago as the most prestigious business awards in the UK and celebrate the success of exciting and innovative businesses which are leading the way with pioneering products or services.

“The pace of automotive technological change is speeding up, and our team and new facilities are ideally suited to share the workload with our customers,” Wall says. “Aeristech will build on its position at the forefront of electric motor design, not just in automotive but across other sectors which require continuous, clean air from an oil-free source. These include pharmaceutical, aviation, industrial and aerospace, and winning the Queen’s Award is a great way to start.

(Source: Eureka Magazine)